Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mary Remembers

A couple of years ago, I realized that I was going to be forced from my home on the shore of the Seno Reloncaví and would have to go back to the United States, at least for some years.
The idea filled me with a terrible sadness, and I imagined how it would be to remember the full moon on the water as a little blanquillo swims in the silver light.
And I saw that the memory was fragile and would crack or fade each time it was brought into the mind's eye.
And then I saw that even the face of my daughter would be broken like this glass until I could go back to my home.

Click on the picture to see the painting more clearly


Anonymous said...

Is that a Hooded Grebe?
Could that be Lago Tagua Tagua or Estero Reloncavi?

Chris Ferrell said...

That is a Blanquillo, I believe that its English name is the Silvery Grebe. It is a very beautiful and very small grebe.
The body of water is El Seno Reloncaví, not the Estero Reloncaví. Thanks for the questions