Friday, December 7, 2007

Combatants For Peace

For years I thought that war has a place in the toolbox of nations in certain situations. The wisdom of age has given me a different insight; war should always be avoided. Self defense, or national defense in a just war may be necessary in very rare circumstances, unfortunately our government seems to legislate regularly with very rare circumstances in mind. Modern Americans in general think of the exception more frequently then we think of the norm. That leads to curtailment of our freedom and it leads to war. I believe that war is never in the best interests of the average man.

That is absolutely the case in the 60-year war between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The war kills average people and ruins average lives. The heads of state, the power brokers and foreign advisers do not suffer from the conflict. To the contrary, the conflict gives purpose to their positions of power; it builds their strength to the detriment of the soldiers and combatants, the shopkeepers and innocent civilians. So the powerful people that talk endlessly about a “peace plan” that would put an end to the terrorism imposed on Jews and Palestinians have no real motivation to stop the killing. It is the average people who suffer from the violence and the misunderstanding who must put an end to the dance of death.

I came upon this website and found that there is an organization in Israel and Palestine made up of ex IDF soldiers and ex Palestinian combatants. They speak with personal experience of the disastrous policies that have perpetuated the war between the Jews and the Palestinian Muslims and Christians in the Holy land. These men are giving speeches and sharing their views of dialogue and interaction. They are convincing the people on the street that the killing and the occupation must end. They have put on many events and have a calendar full of future events. They are affecting policy in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. With hope they may begin to have a counterbalancing effect among Washington politicians to AIPAC, Podhoretz and the rest of the Zionist warmongers.

I hope that anyone reading this will browse through their website and listen to their testimonies. I hope that you will see it in your heart to donate to this most worthy cause.

Combatants For Peace

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