Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Letter to Linda Chávez in Response To Her Smear Of Ron Paul

Mrs. Linda Chávez wrote an article named "The Stakes in Iowa and New Hampshire" on Decmber 28th. It was published in Yahoo News as well as other places. The article was the normal prattle about polls and frontrunners without any new insights. However she did make a point by calling Ron Paul a "bona fide crank".

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Mrs. Chávez,

I'm writing you this letter in response to your article of Dec. 28th.

I have read your columns over the last two and a half years since I returned to the US after 18 years in South America. I can't say that I have always been in agreement with you, in particular because you have the unfortunate modern Republican concept of America Uber Alles, that we must push and dominate the entire world, but I have liked your points about immigrants. And I know your husband from work with the marriage movement. At any rate, I always try to read your column on Yahoo News, but with your latest column you lost me forever.

You have bought into the Fear Regime, Mrs. Chávez. You are afraid and think that we should turn our back on our Constitution and our liberty because you think that we all ought to be as afraid of the world as you are. Well Mrs. Chávez the world has always been a dangerous place, but that has not bothered Americans because the "home of the brave" is more than a line in a song. We have shown our bravery by granting everyone their rights, by assuring fellow citizens that we can keep the government out of our homes and our lives. We have gladly run any risks that might imply. Americans have traditionally not been afraid.

I am an American. I am not afraid of terrorists. The danger from second hand smoke is more likely to kill me than some pathetic, frustrated Saudi in search of a glorious martyrdom. There was one preventable moment on 911 2007. We do not need to run scared for the next century because our policies for dealing with hijackers were completely wrong.

I am not afraid of terrorists, but I am afraid of something. I am afraid of living in a country where people have to be careful with what they say, where the police are to be feared, where people disappear. The quantum growth of the intelligence services under increasingly lax supervision is taking us down that path. I will not accept it lying down, and I am afraid for my family if this continues because I WILL rebel. I will not be cowed by ubiquitous surveillance cameras. I will not be a good little boy who does what he is told. Sorry, I am an American and I am not accustomed to being pushed around. I will rebel even though I know that this government and those that follow its course towards totalitarianism will step on rebels if this careen towards state power is not stopped NOW. We do not need more security Mrs. Chávez; we need to recover our liberty.

So what did you do in your article? You ridiculed the one candidate that is a brave American. One man who realizes that our rights are much more important than any unlikely danger that we may run here in America. Give us our second Amendment rights and let the terrorists try to kill us here in the home of the brave. It won't look like a very inviting proposition to your average Arab terrorist. The idea of it is absurd and if it happens once (and it already did on 911) it won't happen again. I can assure you that no plane that I am on is going to be flown into the World Trade Center. 100% guarantee. There are millions of American men like me Mrs. Chavez.

Since you infer that Ron Paul is a crank because he opposed the Iraq war, then you must believe that the Iraq war was a good idea. Was it a good idea to invade Iraq, even though there were no WMDs and Iraq had nothing to do with 911? You think that Dr. Paul is a crank because he believes that killing 4000 Americans and wasting a trillion dollars is a bad idea. Do you think that it was a GOOD idea?

And then you scoff at the notion that the Civil War was unnecessary. You scorn the concept that America could have ended slavery peacefully, the way that every other civilized country did. You scoff that we could have paid the plantation owners to free the slaves. No, that’s ridiculous, instead lets finance five years of total war. It’s so much cheaper. Do you know that buying all the slaves at almost any price would have cost less than 1% of the Civil War? 650,000 men died in the Civil War, Mrs. Chávez. Almost all the young men in America were forced into a situation where they had to kill other American men or die trying. More than a half million Americans were killed by other Americans. They died in excruciating pain with their arms and legs blown off, trying to hold their guts in, they bled to death. By saying that Dr, Paul is a crank, you opine that the idea that there was a way to avoid all that death is the thinking of a crank. No trying to avoid all that death for Mrs. Chávez, no. Kill them, kill a half of a million Americans and if you think that there might be an alternative to all that government sponsored death, then you are a crank.

I suggest that you think a little harder about Dr. Paul and his policies. They are much better conceived than your hateful little article.

Christopher Ferrell
January 1st, 2008

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