Monday, May 12, 2008

Palestine Is Still The Issue

I believe in liberty for all peoples and I believe in the truth. What we hear in the United States about Israel and Palestine is not the truth. It is a web of propaganda, spun to keep the masses convinced that Israel is innocent, but through noble valour defends itself from the evil Arabs. That is not true.

Please watch this documentary, although it is almost an hour long, in order to see the events in Israel and Palestine from an angle that we are not shown by the media.

In order to have peace, there must be a state with dignity for the Palestinians.

If you wonder what you can do about this, let me suggest an organization of Israeli ex-soldiers and Palestinian ex-combatants that have come together in a group named Combatants for Peace. They are working to end the war, to end the occupetion, to end the terror bombings. To learn about them and to donate click here

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