Friday, June 27, 2008

Letter to Nancy Pelosi before Bush-War Part III

The news sources from left and right and from east and west all agree that Israel or the United States is almost certain to attack Iran soon, and definitely to do so before Bush leaves office if Obama is elected.

I couldn't help but remember the machinations of the Speaker of the House, when she took the War Funding Bill of 2006 into committee and struck the language that required Bush to receive Congressional authorization before initiating any attack on Iran. See here She was elected to stop the war, and she has the nerve to say that she has worked to stop the war. She quietly enabled Bush to broaden the war!

So I decided to send the lady a letter. If you would like to send her a letter as well, you can copy mine and paste it into the link to her email below, or write your own letter. Let's tell her that we know what she did. Let's let her know that we will hold her responsible for all the deaths that result from this mindless act.

Mrs. Pelosi,

It appears that the President is preparing to attack Iran or to support an Israeli attack on Iran. The country is decidedly against that course of action, but our hands are tied. Apparently there is nothing that we can do to stop the lame duck President from bombing Iran on his way out of Washington.

There is one person responsible for our impotence to stop this insane and illegal act, and that person is you.

You cut the language that would have required Congressional approval for any attack on Iran from the war-funding bill two years ago. There was no justification for what you did. Your mandate was to get us out of war in the Mid East, and instead you empowered the President to open a new front. You did it behind closed doors and never even explained why you did so.

Well, I imagine that you have invented some powerful spin to justify an act that will result in thousands of deaths and a further decay in America's reputation. Polish up the spin, because after the bombs fall, people will start to ask a lot of questions, and they will all end up knocking on your door.

I hope that you can live with your conscience. May God forgive you,

Chris Ferrell

To send this letter to Mrs. Pelosi, just copy and paste it into her Speaker of the House email here. If you would rather express your sentiments more personally, then write your own letter and paste it into the link.


Anonymous said...

As was stated, I can't conceive how you can live with yourself except that growing up in Balto.,I know the apple hasn't fallen far from your father's tree!!How could you possibly convince yourself that you have accomplished deceiving the American populace??You're just not that polished.I will add that you,Ms.(Dalesandro)Pelosi,are an abomination to the female gender in the political arena!Proudly you wear your "true colors" on your chest as a TRAITOR to this great Republic that you (along with sooo many others)so diligently work to undermine the very principles to which you swore an oath to preserve.Be assured, what you have sown so shall you reap!May your treachery return to you full force,(& to your cohorts),as the Divine Force sees fit!!May the truth touch your heart & I pray you work to redeem yourself to this great Republic in what time you have left on this earth.Most Sincerely,S.Connor

Chris Ferrell said...


Thank you, I don't know that writing these letters will make much difference. She probably lost all vestiges of a conscience years ago. But somehow, it is still important to let these criminals know what they are up to.