Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe Its Time To Open The Fed's Books

A Freshman Congressman, Alan Grayson, asks "what has the Fed done with 2 Trillion dollars in the last six months?"
He is told that it is none of our business.
Inform yourself about the Federal Reserve Bank. When you do, you will think that you misunderstand because it seems impossible that:
1.- The Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the US government
2.- Although the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is appointed by the President, he is under no obligation to disclose anything that the Fed does.
3.- The Fedral Reserve is a private corporation, and its ownership is secret. We have no idea who owns the Federal Reserve Bank.
4.- The Federal Reserve Bank has the exclusive authority to create new dollars by loaning them at interest. The Fed pays no taxes on that immense income. Actually the Fed pays no taxes at all.

This man, Andrew Jackson, thought that his greatest accomplishment as President was the deconstruction of the American central bank. In fact he wanted it carved on his gravestone. This great American hero is now suffering in his grave as we allow the Fed to destroy our economy through Keynesian manipulation.

Read Edward Griffin's book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island"
Watch this hour and a half long video about monetary economics and the Federal Reserve.
Read Ron Paul's "The Revoultion: A Manifesto"

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