Friday, September 24, 2010

Arthur Rubenstein plays Edvard Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor

Excuse me for putting a music video on this blog that rambles among libertarian political rants, short stories and political videos. I always meant to include more of the arts, so here is my favorite piece of music.

This piece sounded awkward to me the first time I heard it as a child. I much preferred another work by Grieg, the Pier Gynt Suite. I still like the Pier Gynt Suite, but upon repeated listening to Grieg's Piano Concerto I found that the notes that seemed out of place provide the perfect stroke to lead into the next beautiful stanzas. I found that every time I listen, it seems more beautiful, it seems to be truly blessed by God with a beauty that is beyond human creation.

This recording is of the great Arthur Rubenstein, may he rest in the arms of the Lord.

first movement

second movement

third movement

I find it almost painfully beautiful when the piano begins to play in middle of the the second movement.
For an insightful explanation of this piece that is "too emotional" and "too beautiful", listen to Tom Manoff discuss this incredible work of art. on "All Things Considered" from NPR News

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