Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snatched From The Jaws Of The Mighty Puelo - Update

Following is a link to an update of the post about saving our cabin from the fury of the mighty Puelo. Before going on I would like to mention with great sadness that the Puelo River recently killed another two people in December. Víctor Alegría and Patricio Vera left Puerto Urrutía on the Puelo to return home to Segundo Corral in early December. There are no roads for motor vehicles, so these experienced cowboys headed home to Segundo Corral on horseback, but something happened when they crossed the Ventisquero branch of the Puelo and they were lost. The crossing is only about two miles from our cabin. Alegría and Vera's horses showed up at a neighbor's house later that day and people began to search for the two men. The police arrived the next day and then the Navy, both with divers. Mr. Vera's body was found the next day in the Ventisquero, but Mr. Alegría's body wasn't found for another two weeks. By that time the government had given up and private divers found Mr. Alegría. Please say a prayer for these two fine, innocent men.

I personally know eleven people that have died in the Puelo River. The river and its valley are beautiful beyond description. At least in part that is because the river and valley are untamed. They are as free as the people who live in its valley. Freedom is not without danger. The reaction of the "civilized" is to tame that which is dangerous, but that leaves us without freedom. Freedom requires us to take care of ourselves and sometimes we fail to do so. The consequences can be fatal. I'll take freedom anyway, and so did Alegría and Vera, may they rest in peace.


Here is La Salavada with my family, a cousin, a neighbor and the workmen that helped us rebuild. Here's the link to the update.

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