Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jon Stewart Comments on the Media's Attempts To Make Ron Paul Invisible

It is truly incredible how the mainstream media has decided en masse to completely ignore and marginalize Ron Paul. Watch Stewart rip the media to shreds. And donate to Paul's campaign, because he certainly can't count on the media to spread his message of fiscal responsibility, non-interventionist foreign policy, sound money and personal liberty.

Here is Dr. Paul's new campaign ad. Your donations will put this on TV around the country.

Update - Has the Media Suppressed Ron Paul's Coverage?

Immediately after her noteworthy victory in the Iowa Presidential Straw Poll August 13, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann managed to book herself on all five major Sunday national television political talk shows. But Ron Paul, who finished in a virtual statistical tie with Bachmann — just 152 votes and less than a one-percent difference — was booked on none of them. Zero.

Then there was the Politico.com headline on the straw-poll results that — when moved over to blogrunner.com — became this: "Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third."

Umm, isn't something missing there?

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