Friday, October 12, 2012

Why Should We Believe That Iran Is Planning a Nuclear Weapons Program?

Isn't it amazing that the American and European media and governments declare in unison that Iran wants a nuclear weapon and is planning to make one? Do they know something that we don't know? Or is this just the dance of the lemmings, blindly following each other over the cliff again? Is this just Saddam's WMDs again?

There is no information available on the Internet that shows any ANY evidence that Iran is planning to build nuclear weapons, much less that it has initiated a nuclear weapons program. There is ample evidence that Iran has decided that it will not pursue nuclear weapons. Ayatollah Khameini wrote a fatwa declaring that owning or building nuclear weapons is a mortal sin, and that declaration has been repeated continuously by the Iranian government for the last 8 years. They have opened all their nuclear facilities to the IAEA inspectors. They have not been found in violation of any IAEA rules. The only place where Iran has refused access to the IAEA is not a nuclear facility, but rather a weapons and ammunition factory in a military base. Iran contends that has nothing to do with a nuclear program. The IAEA inspectors have found no diversion of uranium and nothing else that indicates Iran is planning to build a bomb.

But every article in all the mainstream press assumes that Iran is now or will soon build nuclear weapons. There is no debate about whether or not Iran, left to itself would build nukes. Everybody says it would. There is debate over the right way to deal with the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The press and governments are not perfectly aligned on what should be done now or what should be done later, but the base issue of whether Iran has nuclear weapons pretensions is never questioned. But I see no evidence that there is any Iranian interest in a nuclear weapons program. Where are the translated discussions among Iranians officials debating the advisability of nukes? They don't even talk about it.

So, could all these people in the allied governments and media who assume the worst know something that we don't know? Well, it’s impossible. If all those reporters and state dept. types know that Iran has a nuclear weapons program based on evidence that they have seen, then that evidence would be accessible somehow or other to us as well. Heck, my friends and I at r/EndlessWar knew about the Ray Davis disaster the day after it happened, three weeks before it hit the western press.

The chorus has seen no evidence but they believe anyway. Could the insiders with high security clearances have intel that, upon leaking would jeopardize sources? And could the reputations of the insiders in media and government who expound the narrative of Iranian a-bombs be enough to convince other journalists and government officials who don't have the requisite security clearances? The answer to that question is definitely yes. That is what is happening. There is a blind chorus that repeats the narrative of the Washington/Tel Aviv/London insiders, without any evidence at all. "Serious men" with access to Top Secret intel, such as Mr. Panetta, state unequivocally that Iran has a clandestine plan to build nukes. Does that signify that he and the rest of the Washington/Tel Aviv/London insiders are telling the truth? Does it signify that their intel is any better than the speculative fantasies that were presented as evidence in 2002 and 2003? The answers to those two questions are no and no.

Why there isn't any doubt expressed in the media? Even the Huffington Post and the Nation and other liberal media repeat the Iran/nuclear talking points. The only media that questions it is paleo-conservative, libertarian or socialist.

So how can we get the attention of more people and convince them that we are about to go to war for no reason whatsoever? Again.


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