Friday, April 25, 2008

A Valiant Effort By A Remarkable Man

We have lost our way, we have lost our identity, we have become something new and that something is ugly. That something is the modern American populace and it is ignorant and incapable of learning. We are full of ourselves for no reason whatever and our house is going to come tumbling down around us. We are losing more of our freedoms every day and most Americans deride those that speak out.

I had hopes that this man who still has the ability to see through the haze of of corporate America to a reality that is is shameful might awaken the mass of drugged Americans, semicomotose from their daily dosage of mind control. I had hopes that Ron Paul might be able to start a movement that halts our carreen towards a state that is an affront to our history and to our Christian formation.

I have never been an optimistic man. And I see no reason for optimism now. There was a flicker of light, a moment of hope, that reason might break through the haze..... 

God bless you Dr. Paul. You did your best.

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