Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Power of Nightmares

This three hour BBC video was produced in 2005 and has never been presented on broadcast TV in the United States. It has the clearest and most honest history of the radical Islamist movement in general and Al Qaeda in particular. The history is not what the American propaganda organs would like us to believe.

The video also describes the origin and development of the neo-conservative imperialist doctrine in America. The juxtaposition of these two nihilistic philosophies is well done and fascinating.

The film is long. Each sgment is almost an hour, but it is well worth it. Take the time an watch a segment now. If you want to see the three section in higher definition then follow these links to the first, second and third parts, otherwise just watch them below.

First Segment
"Baby Its Cold Outside"

Second Segment
"The Phantom Victory"

Third Segment
"The Shadows in the Cave"

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