Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Profile of a Bully - The American Empire

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a seminar about school age bullying. This has become quite a problem in the modern politically correct school system and we have decided to avoid using the tools that we once had to combat bullying.

But what struck me at the conference was the characteristics of the bully. I can't include the conference here on my blog, so I found a youtube video that describes what I heard at the conference.

The following video was produced by J Richard Knapp to identify the characteristics of the school age bully.
He lists nine characteristics to help us identify bullies. Those characteristsics are:
1.- Extremely Confident
2.- Physically Agressive
3.- Pro-violent Behavior
4.- Hot tempered
5.- Frustrates Easily
6.- Dominate Others
7.- Lack of Empathy
8.- Bigger and Stronger
9.- They Get Into Serious Trouble

I couldn't help but notice that these are exactly the characteristics of the new United State (spelling intentional) of America. In every single one of the nine examples, the personality that is exhibited by the government of our country towards other countries is exactly that of the bully.

We need to be careful with #9. We are already getting into serious trouble by not considering the incredible cost of our bullying. That cost will eventually bring the government down.

Please watch the video and comment if you think that these characteristics apply to the USA.

To learn more about bullies, please read this article

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