Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Message for Occupiers and Tea Partiers - The Most Important Consideration Today Is To Stop The War With Iran

The last ten years have been terrible insofar as American citizens have lost many of their rights and their standard of living. But these years have been much worse for the many thousands of people who have lost their lives in America's insane wars of opportunity.

Those wars and the powers that benefit from them are the drivers behind every other loss that Americans and people from many other nations suffer. SOPA would never happen without the bogus threat of danger caused by America's wars of choice. The NDAA would never threaten Americans with perpetual detainment without trial if it were not justified by the stupid wars of opportunity.

The heart of the problem is the focus of the US government on war. War is now pursued on all continents. War and threat of war are the first tools that we reach for to promote our foreign policy. But war is bankrupting America economically and morally. War is not the solution to any of our problems because it is the *cause* of most of our problems.

We still have troops in Iraq. We are still at war in Afghanistan. This is a war that even the US Intelligence community sees as unwinnable, that the best outcome would be a stalemate. We are now actively promoting war in the Horn of Africa, in Central Africa, in the Sudan and we just finished a war of opportunity in north Africa. We have clandestine forces killing people all over the world. The US war machine is out of control.

And now the US, along with its partner Israel, is inciting war in Iran. Everything that has happened in the last ten years has been disastrous to human life, American law and the economy, but it is trivial compared to what a war with Iran will produce if we allow this tragedy to occur. Read what retired CIA officer Phil Giraldi says are probable consequences of the really bad idea that is war with Iran. In the late '30s the US put embargoes on Japan, cut off their supply of oil and rubber and absconded with their foreign reserves, thereby purposely forcing Japan into war. Today we are doing the exact same thing with Iran. And we are playing with global economic collapse and nuclear war! And we are doing it for the damned 0.01%! Who benefits by war with Iran? Not you, that much is for certain. But the big banks will write a lot of loans that will be guaranteed by the government, the arms manufacturers will haul in the dough and the media conglomerates will see their ratings triple. Congressmen and spies and bureaucrats and every other type of parasitic Washington vermin will puff out their chests and be "serious" on TV, thereby garnering national recognition.

If the occupy movement means anything and can accomplish anything, it had better concentrate on first things first. There is no sense going after Wall Street criminality if we enter into a major war with Iran. No one will care.

Likewise the Tea Party movement's laudable goals of lower taxes, lower Federal spending and an end to deficits will be shot as dead as most of the Iranians in fast attack boats that get close to a US aircraft carrier. The money will vomit forth from Washington in torrents, the Fed will print like never before, new taxes will be imposed and existing taxes will be raised. That is one of the things that always happen in a major war.

So the first thing to do for anyone who is not part of the 0.1% Washington/NYC elite is to stop the coming war before it starts. Be brave enough to speak out against Israel and its program of assassinations that are not aimed at stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program, but are executed in order to prod Iran into an attack that can be used, "like Pearl Harbor", as the *casus belli* that will justify a massive bombing campaign. The bombing campaign will be countered by asymmetrical actions such as Hezbollah firing massive numbers of missiles into Israel. The first acts of hostility will start a series of actions leading to the disaster that is global war, a tragedy the world has not seen in 67 years.

So as a human being, a concerned American, I beg all of you well-meaning, politically active people that read this pathetic blog from time to time to concentrate ALL of your efforts on stopping the rush to war. Call your Congressmen. Educate yourselves (r/EndlessWar is a good place to start) and tell everyone you know that nothing is as important right now as stopping the Iran War before it starts.


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