Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Please help stop the Endless War


The Endless War that began in 2001 is the central problem facing the United States and the World. It is behind the financial crisis, it is behind the fiscal crises, it exacerbates the moral decay of the western world, it increases the hate and distrust between the west and the Muslim world. The Endless War is pointless. It cannot produce anything but death, poverty and suffering. It does not protect, to the contrary it increases danger exponentially. If the Endless War advances into Iran it very well may ignite World War III.

We have been watching this develop for years as each new war brings us closer to a police state at home. Each new war erodes any remaining goodness or even dignity in the American Federal government. Each new war makes all Americans look increasingly like murderous bullies because the world is watching and the world sees Americans cheer as the President jokes about murdering people with drones, the world sees Americans chuckle as John McCain sings “Bomb Iran”. You and I have to DO something to stop this.

What can we do? We can educate each other and what we learn we can share with others. We can pledge to never vote for another warmonger. Vote for a libertarian, vote for the Green Party but do not vote for another murderer. Get active in politics in the USA. If you live somewhere outside the States, write to the politicians that oppose the US military hegemony of the world and give them your support. Comment below articles that address the war. Share insights at the news aggregator that a friend and I moderate called EndlessWar

And here is something that you can do right now. Use your money to stop the EndlessWar by supporting the organization dedicated exclusively to stopping pointless wars. Justin Raimondo, Scott Horton, Jason Ditz and co. write the best blog on the Internet, the only one that could call itself antiwar.com. Antiwar.com is in trouble, this season’s funding campaign is dying on the vine. Please pull out your credit card and send Antiwar.com some money at their donate page.

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Fowl Ideas said...

The communists who once hid under every bush have been replaced by the terrorists who are living next door.

Imagine how many domestic problems we could solve if there wasn't so much money to be made slaughtering foreigners.