Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Does Government Always Favor the Huge Corporations?

These Venn Diagrams show just a sampling of senior policy-makers in the Federal government that have come from or gone to three well connected corporations. Almost all of the most powerful bureaucrats in Washington come from a small handful of corporations.

Click on each graphic to see exactly who is ripping you off.

Goldman Sachs



My thanks to Economic Policy Journal for these fine graphics


Anonymous said...

Government favors huge corporations because huge corporations favor governments.

Governments can "tilt" the "playing field" to give businesses advantages over the less politically involved competition.

Democracy. Crony-capitalism. Materialism. Rule of the mob.

That's why.


Fowl Ideas said...

Attempting to control others and attempting to avoid being controlled by others are powerful human instincts. Corporations have a lot of power and it's only natural for them to attempt to control those who might impose regulatory limits on their behavior. The public could impose some control over this process but the public is rarely united. Uniting the public usually requires some sort of Catastrophic Unifying Event like the Triangle Shirt Factory fire. This is an example of Punctuated Equilibrium.