Saturday, November 24, 2007

Letter to WSJ reporter, Amy Schatz

Ms. Schatz,

I just read David Chesley's response to your article about him and I must say that although I am not surprised, I certainly am disappointed. I am disappointed in you as a journalist as I am disappointed daily by the majority of mainstream journalism in the United States. I would love to see more journalists who have the integrity to ignore instructions from the media's ownership and write honestly about Dr. Ron Paul. I am sorry that you aren't willing to risk your job to tell the truth.
I want you to know that I am not a kook, as Mona Charen would like to paint me.
I am a well-educated middle class American. I am an ex-expat who has lived 25 years in South America, mostly in Chile. I read deeply: Romans from Livy and Suetonius to Procopius and Seneca, I read Plutarch, Thucydides, Machiavelli, the Romantic philosophers, our Founding Fathers and the darker ideas of Kafka, Nietzsche, Orwell and Huxley. If I am a Kook, then it is crazy to be educated. I have a bachelor's degree in Political Science and an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. I paint and I try to write. Above all else I am a faithful Catholic who is dedicated to advancing the kingdom of God here on earth. With what I have learned, I have come to the conclusion that there is no excuse for dishonesty and that there is almost no justification for killing.
I find the current crop of candidates as blatant a group of dissemblers as has ever aspired to the Presidency of our once noble nation. They are all motivated by naked ambition. Besides Dr. Paul and perhaps Mr. Kucinich, there is not one of them whose positions are anything more than the results of test groups and polling numbers. They never truly answer a question; they always talk in circles so as to be free to change their position later without "flipflopping". They all have a varied selection of speeches that they can deliver depending on the audience that they plan to lie to. There is nothing genuine left in most of them; they have become vacuous bags of greed and ambition. So they are not "called" to the Presidency in order to right wrongs or to sacrifice four years of their lives to advance a coherent vision of change. In fact they all have parts in the same choir. They just sing different parts in the same song. The only reason that they humiliate themselves in front of the press and groups of farmers at diners in Des Moines and Concord is because they want the power of the Presidency with an urge that is almost sexual in its intensity.
What hurts me most is that the candidates are so ready to use the power of the Presidency to kill. It is obvious when one listens to Hillary, Rudy and Romney, but it is there with Edwards, Biden, McCain and Thompson as well. They reserve the right to maintain soldiers abroad, to continue abortion in America, to advance unnecessary fetal stem cell research. They will not fight to outlaw the death penalty; they are wish washy even about preemptive use of nuclear weapons! They are against torture "except in cases of national emergency..." Kill, kill, kill! What do we harvest in the fields of death? We harvest more death and generational hatred.
We need a leader with humility and integrity who can say, wait a moment, if we are to equivocate, let it be on the side of caution because all human life is dear.
To this educated kook, there is no choice other than Ron Paul in this election.

If it were up to journalists such as you, Amy, no one in this country would know anything about Dr. Paul. If it were up to your boss, Mr. Murdoch, Ron Paul would be ridiculed into oblivion. But Mr. Murdoch and his paid propagandists do not control all public discussion any longer. There is a forum where real ideas can be discussed.
I thank God for the Internet, and I warn you Amy, that as more people have their eyes opened to more angles of reality, that they will see you and reporters like you and Mona Charen as paid stooges not to be trusted, but rather to be pitied for their servitude.


Christopher Ferrell

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