Friday, November 16, 2007

Why We Have The Right To Bear Arms


The discussion about our right to own firearms completely misses the point. The writers of the Constitution were not worried about our ability to hunt, nor were they concerned about assuring that we could ward off burglars. The sole reason that firearms were important enough to be included in the Bill of Rights was to guarantee our ability to protect ourselves from OUR government.

If we are armed in order to keep the government in check, to keep it from taking away our rights, then our weapons have to be threatening to the government. In 1791 the citizens of this country were armed almost as well as the army was. The government had many reasons to protect the rights of the citizenry: one of those reasons being the last resort of revolution. The arms of the citizens kept the government honest.

That idea has been purposely buried so as to confuse the issue. We hear concerned police and leftist politicians concede that hunting guns make sense; that we should have the right to own a shotgun, but that assault rifles and semiautomatic handguns are too dangerous for citizens to own. We hear pundits say that many arms are too dangerous and too threatening. The media never mentions that our arms must be as dangerous and threatening as those in the hands of Homeland Security and the local Sheriff’s Department in order for the Second Amendment to be meaningful.

But now there are many government entities working to limit the firearms that we can own, and at the same time the government is militarizing our police departments. Your local sheriffs department is now armed with M16s, grenade launchers, high-powered sniper rifles, body army and grenades. What is that firepower for? It is a bit excessive for crime fighting. It is equipment that is designed to control large mobs with deadly force. The expense involved in this militarization is huge; the total cost of this militarization it is in the billions. Why is the government arming to confront large groups of people here in the United States?

The NRA has not been a very good representative of gun owners because they do not share the philosophy of mistrust in our government. They have become a big Washington lobby that is part of the system, not a check on the system. So citizens need to write their Congressmen and make noise in the press and on the Internet. We need arms that allow us to be a legitimate threat to the government. Do not let them take away our assault rifles. At the same time we need to demand that the police departments be de-militarized. We are not well served by police that can control us all.

We are being told that it is patriotic to keep step with the government. That is a LIE! It is patriotic to make the government fear US, not for us to fear the government.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

~George Washington

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.

~George Washington

This is an update to the article I wrote last year.
I ran across an article making the case that in every case of genocide in the last 100 years, the government took away the people's right to won guns first. Click on the window below to see the statistics, or click here to read the article.

Second Update

I wrote this article about a year ago. I made an addition below, by adding the chart that ties acts of genocide to the control and confiscation of guns.
Now I have to add another set of comments because our second amendment rights are under attack like never before in our history by a bill that was introduced to Congress on January 6th 2009, titled HR-45, Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009.
The bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee on the day that it was introduced and on the 9th of February it was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Normally a bill this bad would have died quietly in the Judiciary Committee, but this Orwellian nightmare has taken a step closer to being voted on. This may happen and you need to write your Congressmen and stop this horrible legislation.

And here are the details of this bill that will effectively repeal the 2nd Amendment:

1.- If you own guns you will need a Federal gun owners ID, which will include retina scans, fingerprints
2.- Each gun that you own must be registered.
3.- You may only sell a gun to a registered gun collector or gun dealer and each transaction has to pay a $25 fee. You may not sell a gun directly to a friend. Guns cannot be passed from one generation to another without going through a gun dealer.
4.- If you have a gun lost or stolen you must report it within (I don't remember - a week I think)
5.- Failure to report a lost or stolen gun will result in fines and up to 2 years in the pen.
6.- If children under 18 years old reside in your home your guns must be disassembled and kept under lock and key.
7.- Federal inspectors can request to see your guns and your paperwork at any time. If they find that your guns are not locked up, then you will be.

How's that sound?

If you don't have any unregistered guns, get some.
Buy lots of ammo. Lots of ammo. Other people may need it too.
Don't keep all your guns and ammo in the same place.

Third Update:
Fortunately the horrible HR45 was not passed. Good news doesn't happen very often in statist America, we should be happy for every victory.

Following is a terrific video shot during a Senate hearing to ban "assault weapons". Pay extra attention to the last minute. The Senators don't get it, but Dr. Suzanna Hupp certainly does.


Dixie Zittlow said...

Great quote at the end. This article should lead us to ask what is the role of the government and what is the responsibility of the citizen. If we would learn to ask ourselves this regularly, we may avoid useless laws and wiser choices in law, economics, and government.

Anonymous said...

This is a very well written article, it expresses points very clearly. The spirit of honesty has been so blatantly malnourished and many people are so willing to accept the governments continual development towards a kleptocracy. Ironic: the threat of the people to keep it's government in a state of honesty comes at the price of the very "dangers" it seeks to protect us from...namely ourselves. Oh how noble our government is..

Anonymous said...

It's really amazing when you look at the chart, people don't get the right to own guns, then the government exploits their loss of protection!

Anonymous said...

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Shreyas said...

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D said...

Yes, in 1791 the militias had the same firepower as the government military.

In 2010, you really think any of the backwater militias could withstand the government even if they wanted to? A single national guard post could probably wipe the floor with any home-arsenal.

Do you wish Nuclear weapons should be available to the populace to even the odds? At what point does it become absurd?

Why is it that STABLE countries that have removed guns from their lives have not drifted into a totalitarian government?

Chris Ferrell said...

D, the militias don't have to engage in tank warfare or shoot down F 22s. The militias wouldn't have to employ shock and awe. The militias would have to be able to keep themselves active with raids and attacks for a period of time less than six months. The insurrection would have to be more than police and Northcom could handle. At that point the government would be forced to send in National Guard or combat troops and at that point the government loses.

The fact is that most American soldiers will refuse to fire upon their fellow citizens. The guns would be for the police who do not have any sense of honour whatsoever and treat us "mundanes" as serfs that they can force to do whatever they demand with little regard to the law. But soldiers and veterans would be some of the first to rebel, and the officer that orders his platoon to open fire on Americans is likely going to be fragged.

Insurrection would not have to be succesful in the same way that the Afghan insurrection drove out the Russians or the Vietnamese insurrection drove out the Americans. The insurrection simply has to stay active until the military begins to desert (with weapons). That point is the end of the road for the government.

Anonymous said...

We have the right to bear arms to keep our goverment honest. No more money for people that paid taxes and are living on social security. Lets see if the assholes in washington votes themselvesa raise. No one in govermentshould be paid for their services.they are already rich. It's time we as americansto take our country back. Thats the reason we have the right to bear arms.

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Cody said...

The part that i read was terrible. You clearly have a bad outlook of our government and you are very mislead. if you dont like the way that things are ran in The United States go to some other country. The goverment does things in the best interest for its people.

Anonymous said...

CODY - I sure hope you are being sarcastic. The government does whats best for them and the people that give them money. Tea Party is best thing that has happend in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Hit the point. Great post. However, we citizens as whole need evolve also. Technology advancement has crossed a threshold that enables government to defeat any opposition without much effort. Should it choose, it can instantly turn on surveillance on all citizens, or wipe out any organized militias before they take actions. We should reform our society and political system to make sure that is extremely difficult to happen. But to your point, even then, we need the right to bear arms to keep it as part of our ultimate threat.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the point you're making in your blog, however both those quotes from George Washington are fictional or grossly changed.